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At New Frontier Lawn & Tree Care, we make lawns and landscapes like yours the best in the neighborhood by tailoring services to your needs. Our programs offer care for your lawn, trees and shrubs throughout the year. But that's not all. If you need help with specific problems, we can provide that, too. You choose which services are best for your lawn and landscape.

Expert advice is right here for you, to help you care for your investment. After every treatment, we let you know how you can improve the look, the quality and the health of your entire landscape. When to water and how much. How short to cut the grass. Pruning tips. If you have questions or need advice, just call or e-mail us.

Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not pleased with the results of any treatment, neither are we. We'll re-treat your lawn, trees or shrubs at no charge.


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Why is New Frontier is truly different?
Certified Territory Manager Concept.
Our goal is to assign one certified, safety trained professional to your property, so you can depend on one person for customized applications and any follow-up service the lawn requires. Individual responsibility, start to finish, means reliability!

Tailored Granular Programs.
We realize all lawns are not alike! Because we are a granular service (except for treatment of broadleaf weeds), we have the ability to customize treatments to the specific needs of your lawn. You get what you need, when you need it. Your lawn will be thicker and greener as a result of our special root feeding formula and pest controls.

Guaranteed Satisfaction without Hidden Charges.
Simply put, all our work is guaranteed. If you aren't happy, we'll retreat without any argument or hassle... and you'll never be hit with a surprise "in season" charge. It's all part of giving you the results you expect for one clear, affordable price.

Two Trips Across Your Lawn On Each Visit.
Unlike liquid fertilizer services, we'll feed the lawn first with custom NEW FRONTIER dry fertilizer, then go over the lawn a second time for weed control. Yes, it takes us longer, but your lawn will be thicker, with fewer weeds.

Reliable Free Service Follow-Up.
A NEW FRONTIER benefit that often tops the list of differences is our reliable, free, follow-up service policy. We are committed to responding to your call within two working days. If you have any questions or a problem develops, we'll be there. You can count on it!

Program Concept.
Insures your landscape will receive timely treatment since pest activity occurs throughout the year. Treatments are scheduled to provide maximum control. This means less damage and improved appearance.

Custom Tailored Program.
Means we deliver just what is required. Plants are not all alike. We have the ability to customize the treatment to the specific needs of your landscape. The result is healthier and more attractive plants.
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