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Tips for your trees & shrubs-

Mulch. Apply bedding material such as shredded bark, bark chunks or sphagnum peat moss in a 2" - 3" layer to reduce the presence of weeds. This will also help your landscape conserve moisture and aid in stabilizing temperature extremes, as well as enhance the appearance of the landscape.

Watering. Proper watering is critical for healthy growth and development of ornamentals. A drip hose is recommended for landscape beds. A hose trickling at the base of larger ornamentals will supply the necessary water.

Pruning. Proper pruning will enhance the appearance of the landscape as well as improve the health of many of the plants.

Sanitation. Clean up of the landscape should be an ongoing process. Removal of fallen leaves improves the appearance of the landscape as well as removes a source of disease inoculums and insect harborage.

Wind Protection. Many ornamentals suffer from wind damage. Winter winds can dry tender plants causing dieback. Strong summer winds can break poorly stabilized or improperly staked plants. Plants should be protected with windbreaks such as burlap stretched between two stakes. Young plants should be staked to minimize excessive movement.

Your trained technician can provide specific tips and suggestions to improve the health and appearance of your landscape.  Just ask!
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