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Tree & Shrub Program
Each visit we will evaluate your landscape and then tailor our treatment to the ever changing needs of your ornamentals. This integrated pest management program combines the regular monitoring of the landscape with a regular schedule of treatment applications.

Spring Fertilization.
Deep root fertilization at this time will help the landscape recover from the stress of winter's extreme conditions. It will improve foliar growth and color controls.

Insect Control.
From passive controls such as oils to advanced broad-spectrum pyrethrums, New Frontier is armed with an arsenal of control products that will target insect and mite problems. As the seasons change, so do the pests. We will provide the proper control products at the correct rates for these ever changing pests problems.

Disease Control.
Many plant diseases are difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. We provide a comprehensive treatment program that insures maximum protection of your valuable ornamentals, including follow-up applications (when needed) at no extra charge.

Fall Fertilization.
Deep root fertilization provides a complete nutritional fertilizer along with an organic root stimulating supplement. This will encourage the development of a strong and healthy root system; a key for optimum plant health.

  Optional Services

Injection. Direct injection into trees is a viable option to treat specific problems.
Insecticides - to control borers, leaf miners and elm leaf beetles.
Fungicides - to control wilt diseases, scab, Dutch Elm disease and Anthracnose.
- to address specific nutritional deficiencies.

Bed Weed Control. Through a program of application both pre and post emergent control products we can minimize invasive weeds in your landscape beds.

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