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Perimeter Pest Program

For years, New Frontier Lawn & Tree Care customers have asked us for help keeping ants, spiders and other insects from invading their homes.

With today's high-tech materials, we are now able to protect your home from invasion by unwanted pests including spiders, ants, beetles, and other seasonal, bothersome insects like fleas and ticks.

How the Perimeter Program Works:
Our broad spectrum material creates a protective barrier approximately 10 feet wide around the entire circumference of your home.

These control materials have been extensively tested, effectively used for many years and are designed for use at your home.

Lingering odor and staining are not a problem, and there is no danger of damage to landscape plants, trees or shrubs.


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Treatment Schedule:

To protect your home from bothersome insect activity, we have designed a program that will control insect invasion.  Once a barrier is established with your first treatment, regular applications will maintain the effectiveness of the barrier. 

Treatments will control seasonal pests such as mud daubers and earwigs, as well as recurring problem pests such as ants, bees, silverfish, spiders, chiggers fleas and ticks.*

The applications are approximately 5 weeks apart beginning roughly in February and continuing through November.  This program includes free re-treatments between scheduled visits-if necessary.

*Call for more information about our special Flea & Tick program for your lawn.

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