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Tips for your lawn-
Spring Clean-up
Now is the time to prepare your lawn and landscape for spring. In order to have your lawn looking beautiful for the warming months, there are a few proactive steps you can take:
  • Prune winter damage and renovate overgrown shrubs
  • Clean up sticks, branches, and debris left from winter
  • Install colorful annuals to your landscape to accent your property
  • Highlight your landscaping with a lighting system to enhance the beauty of your property
  • Mulch around trees, shrubs and flower beds
  • Regularly mowing the lawn at 3-4 inches with a sharp mower blade will thicken the lawn to help choke out unwanted weeds.
  • Warm season grasses will benefit from spring aeration.

Crabgrass prevention.
Crabgrass prevention is key for obtaining a weed free lawn. Putting down a pre-emergent in early spring will help ensure that your lawn will be free of crabgrass. Each spring, crabgrass germinates from seed, and unless you prevent this with early season control, it will not die until the ground freezes the following winter. At New Frontier, we apply not one, but two applications of crabgrass pre-emergent at the beginning of the season to guarantee crabgrass-free lawns.

Fall lawn tips-
Continued watering will enable the lawn to recover more quickly from any summer damage. Now is the best time to core aerate your lawn. Aeration increases air, water and nutrient access to the developing root systems. It also loosens compacted soil enabling the roots to spread out. This will help increase turf density. A winterizer application will help feed the turf through the winter promoting an early spring green-up for next year.