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Lawn Care Program
Your lawn will be treated at regular intervals with our custom blended granular fertilizers. This will promote thicker, greener lawns by feeding naturally through the roots. Treatment includes control-released nutrients, which feed the top consistently between applications. This avoids surge growth and promotes even greening throughout the year.

Crabgrass control
State of the art products are utilized to ensure maximum control of this invasive grassy weed.

Broadleaf control
Broad leaf weeds are targeted throughout the season with each application. We perform a separate trip across your lawn each visit to make the control of a broad spectrum of weeds a priority.

We monitor your lawn for turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms and billbugs. We will then take the appropriate measure for control of the pest problem.

In the fall we apply the winterizer treatment. This will stimulate root development, speed recovery from summer damage, keep color later into the season and promote an early spring green up.

Service Follow-up
Although we do our best to address each situation at the same time of our regular visit. Problems can arise between visits. A simple phone call to the office will result in a trained specialist to address and remedy your concerns at no additional charge.
  Optional Services

Guaranteed Grub Proof. In addition to our regular program we offer a guaranteed grub proofing treatment. This protects your lawn from costly damage due to a grub infestation.

Core Aeration. This procedure improves the uptake of water and nutrients by the removal of small cores of soil. This allows the expansion of the grass roots and helps relieve soil compaction. This also aids in the control of thatch buildup.

Disease Control.
Should a turf damaging disease threaten the health and appearance of your lawn, we can provide the appropriate control measures.

Seeding. We offer a variety of seeding options including: